Microsoft Imagine Community Yogyakarta - UGM is an independent research organization in cooperation PT. Microsoft Indonesia with the Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology UGM. Armed with a vision to grow the local software development innovation and to realize the e-education, Microsoft Imagine Community comes with a series of programs and services that will help academics, company, and research worlds. Microsoft Imagine Community Yogyakarta - UGM follows three pilars of innovation which are

  1. Self Improvement, a set of program that dedicated to improve ICT education for student, professional and organization.  
  2. Skill Accelerator, a community events that engage developer andIT professional to learnand to get update about the Microsoft technology
  3. Product Innovation, a product collaboration innitiative to build a software on top off Microsoft technology  

Based on these pillars we believe that anyone can become a next generation innovator.

With the right tools, the right place, and the right passions with. Therefore, our tagline is "Be What's Next, Be The Innovator"