LexiPal is a Kinect-based Dyslexia therapy developed by Antasena Indonesia. LexiPal provides early detection for Dyslexia, and also fun, attractive, yet effective treatment for each case of Dyslexia. LexiPal comes in two version, Home Version which is targeted for home and school, and Therapist Version which is targeted for therapist. The Home Version is completed with basic function of early detection and treatment, while the Therapist Version has a more advanced features, including assessment and treatment.

There are two main functions in LexiPal, Assessment and Treatment. The Assessment is based on different method for each language, completed with a fuzzy logic scoring system, which enabled to identify Dyslexia symptoms precisely. While the treatment, contains a set of different exercises in practicing linguistic skill and improving intelligence. The exercise that LexiPal provide are spelling treatment, reading treatment, visual matching, auditory-visual matching, and brain gym. All of treatments is supported by advanced technologies including Kinect – skeletal tracking, Kinect – speech recognition, augmented reality, joseph theorem, Speed-up robust feature algorithm, etc.

Supervised by Innovation lead from MIC, Dr. Ridi Fe. LexiPal got the second winner of Software Design Competition, Microsoft Imagine Cup Indonesia 2012 which was held at the Balai Kartini, Jakarta, 15 May 2012