The need to apply information and communication technology (ICT) today can be said to be very urgent. Everything have to use technology to make easy to collaborate and more productive. Microsoft has created Microsoft Teams as solutions to make teachers and students can collaborate easily. Microsoft Innovation center was held this event aims to design the teachers to be initiators in the implementation of digital transformation in their schools using Microsoft Teams to create virtual learning classroom, so the students can get new experiences in the learning process and increasing the quality of output learning.

In this workshop “Creating Virtual Learning Classroom using Microsoft Teams” held with interactive schemes. Held on Wednesday, 24 January 2018 at the Laboratory of SMP N 12 Yogyakarta free of charge followed by 16 participants as a teacher, and this event was guided by Arya Adhitya as Learning Development Trainer from Microsoft Innovation Center he was delivering about Microsoft Teams as the primary application for communication and collaboration within Office 365. Microsoft Teams provides many useful capabilities such as private chat, team collaboration, file sharing, calling and meeting experiences.

In the Digital Transformation Workshop “Creating Virtual Learning Classroom using Microsoft Teams” participants are explained about Microsoft Teams as part technology of Microsoft that can support learning process in the classroom. Teachers can make class and assessment in the virtual classroom using Microsoft Teams, they also can collaborate with other teachers or students easily using the features that has by Microsoft Teams such as communication and sharing files. So expected participants can collaborate in new ways, bringing together the tools (Office 365) to explore opportunities that can be optimized within and provide technical experience on using features within Microsoft Teams. 

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