PPPPTK Seni dan Budaya is one of the government institutions that have a responsibility to educate the educator and education staff in Indonesia in the field of art and culture. Every year this institution held some workshops for educators and education staff which is done on-site training. This year, PPPPTK Seni dan Budaya has a responsibility to hold some workshops that have to do with the online scheme. Based on their responsibility this year, they were holding a workshop on the topic of the virtual classroom for their staff, especially for their functional division, namely Widyaiswara and Pengembang Teknologi Pembelajaran. Specifically, this workshop discussing how to create digital learning material using PowerPoint and distributing the digital learning materials on the virtual classroom that has been created using Microsoft Teams.

This event was held in the third quarter (Q3) on 11 February 2020 followed by 40 participants with a background as a government official. This event was held at Ruang Sidang Kantor Pusat Seni dan Budaya and facilitated by a trainer from MIC that has been certified as Microsoft Certified Educator. Participants were explained about how to create digital teaching materials using PowerPoint Effectively using some various features that have by PowerPoint. After participants create digital learning material, participants were directed to create a virtual classroom using Microsoft Teams. In the part of the virtual classroom, participants not only be taught about how to create a virtual classroom but also how to manage, how to do some activities in the classroom, such as communication and collaboration, giving and reviewing the tasks, hold some meeting using video conference in Teams, etc.

Based on the feedback of participants, they were interested in Microsoft Teams, because this app can support their activity as a functional division that has the responsibility to give training to educators and education staff in Indonesia. They got new insight on how to optimize their Office 365 services to support their tasks and knowing more about Teams that completely facilitated their tasks.