On January 17, 2017, Microsoft Innovation Center was trying to facilitate the students from STIMIK AKAKOM Regarding with Windows 10 Security socialization. Many students do not know that Windows 10 has completed with virus protection. Therefore, Certification and Education Division, at Microsoft Innovation Center cooperated with STMIK AKAKOM held a mini workshop that discussed about Security in Windows 10. Ridi Ferdiana as Research Advisor at Microsoft Innovation Center and person in charge that has duty to make sure that the participants maximizing the various features that existing in Windows 10. This mini workshop was attended by 38 participants coming from students at STIMIK AKAKOM.

This mini workshop covered about security technologies that exist in the operating system on Windows 10. Windows 10 has features safety technology such as Windows Hello, Windows Defender, SmartScreen to protect the device from virus attacks, malware, and phishing. However, this mini workshop focuses on the security features on Windows 10. The end-to-end service Consist of focus group discussions and workshops.

This event was held at Presentation Room at STIMIK AKAKOM Yogyakarta and it was led by Manager of Certification and Education Division, Randi Eka Yonida. In this session, the speaker emphasized the question and answer session relating to the problems that often occur in Windows 10 security such as identification and access control, information protection, and prevention of malware.

 After joining this mini workshop, it is hoped that the participants more aware about the security on their computers especially on Windows 10. In addition, the participants also understand how security technologies in Windows 10 can protects users from viruses, malware and phishing. As well as they can maximize the use of security features in Windows 10.