Microsoft Imagine Community as a part of the community in Yogyakarta had a chance to collaborate with Facebook Developer Circles Yogyakarta and FemaleGeek Yogyakarta to hold an event named “Product Talks 101: Handling Product with Scrum” that purposed to be a new interesting theme for the IT students, especially the females. There is a lot of technology position in a company including the product managers, but many students still have low insights about how it works and what should be prepared to be a product manager. 

The event took place at S101 Hall, Department of Electrical and Information Engineering, Universitas Gadjah Mada on 23rd February 2020. There are 2 invited speakers, Ambar Setyawan from (VR and AR Startup) and Endah Turunsih from Tokopedia (e-commerce startup) that have been experienced in the product management field, especially using scrum method. This event was opened by Ridi Ferdiana as the lead of Microsoft Imagine Community.  

The first speaker, Ambar Setyawan, brought their product with Oculus Rift device as a product sample and demo, explained the concept of the scrum, and how it works in Arutala. After that, Endah Turunsih as the second speaker began to talk about product management in a Decacorn startup, Tokopedia, including the team structure, team coordination, and task breakdown.   

Although the event took time on Sunday morning from 8 AM to 1 PM, more than 50 people joined the events and as a closing moment, the participants took a group photo and video that showed their excitement after attending the event. All updates of Microsoft Imagine Community can be checked here: Cheers!