PPPPTK Matematika is one of the government institutions that have a responsibility to educate the educator and education staff in Indonesia in the field of mathematics. Every year this institution held some workshops for educators and education staff, and after the event, they have responsibilities to create the report and processing the data, so they held an event namely, “Data processing and management using Excel and SharePoint Online” for their staff. The intended of this workshop is can improve the productivity of their staff and facilitate their staff to work effectively using some technologies.

This event was held in the third quarter (Q3) on 29 January 2020 followed by 38 participants with a background as a government official at PPPPTK Matematika. This workshop facilitated by a trainer of MIC as one of Microsoft Certified Educators. Participants were explained about how to process the data using Excel then manage the data in the cloud, namely SharePoint Online, one of the services of Office 365. When processing the data, participants were directed to use some various feature of Excel, such as data types in Excel, filtering and sorting, conditional formatting, advanced filter, mail merge, etc. while in managing document, participant were explained how to manage the document in the organization using SharePoint Online that can be accessed in Teams, so participants not only manage but also communicate in the process processing the data using Teams.

Based on the feedback of participants, they were interested in these tools, where these tools can reach the effectiveness and efficiency of their organization. As a facilitator, MIC hopes this event can inspire the staff of PPPPTK Matematika to work effectively using technology that they have and can explore by their self, so they get the understanding of these tools in-depth and can solve their problem to get the best answer of their need.