Pelatihan Microsoft Word Tingkat Mahir is a one-day training event led by the collaboration of MIC and Perpustakaan FT Universitas Gadjah Mada. The event has Microsoft Certified as the speaker. 

On Thursday, July 13th, 2021, the event was held remotely via Zoom (online). This event was open to the public and approximately 111 participants were in attendance. With a background as students from many universities in Indonesia such as UGM, UNS, UI, Stikes Bethesda, Universitas Riau, Universitas Lambung Mangkurat, etc. The speaker of this event is Rinaldi as a Microsoft Certified who delivers topics about Office365 and its advantages. This event was created as a solution to give guidance on how to create a research document effectively using Word.

In this event, all participants were introduced to how to use the variety of features of Microsoft Word, including these topics:

  1.  Introduction of Office 365 for Education and its advantages
  2.  Creating headings and subheadings and modify them
  3.  Creating an Arabic and Roman numbering in 1 document
  4. Creating different page formats (landscape/portrait) in the same document
  5.  Creating captions on pictures, adjust each chapter/heading differently
  6.  Creating a table of contents and a list of pictures

During the 2-hours training, all participants were proactive to shared opinions, thoughts, and suggestions for consideration during the upcoming events. Hopefully, the topics of training can deliver knowledge and solve participant's problems. So, all of the participants gain some insight from this event.