Microsoft Imagine Community again organizes training activities for educators in Indonesia to improve people's skills. The training event was organized titled Critical Thinking with Visual Studio. This activity was attended by educators in Institut Teknologi Bandung and held online using Microsoft Teams. All participants have a background as government officials. This workshop is held within two days with a duration of 3 hours of learning at each meeting.

On the first day, the material discussed specifically focused on discussing how to teach students to have critical thinking skills through the utilization of Visual Studio. The day's activities were attended by 116 participants and the material was delivered by Rinaldi as a Microsoft Certified Educator. This activity was held on 17 September 2020 and has two learning objectives, among them Participants understand how to use Visual Studio as a tool to stimulate critical thinking skills and can understand the technicalities of DevOps with Azure DevOps for educators.

While the second day is on 18 September 2020, the activity was attended by 90 participants and the material was delivered by Ridi Ferdiana as a Microsoft Certified Trainer and Microsoft MVP. The material discussed on the second day is Computational Thinking with Microsoft Development Stack. Where on this second day after the training the participants can achieve three things, among which participants understand various stacks of Technologies on the Microsoft Platform, Participants can understand the concept of computational thinking  the project-based learning process ,and Participants can apply computational thinking on the Microsoft platform.