Microsoft is constantly working to improve the features of applications that have been built, including the Microsoft Word 2016 application, but many users don’t yet know in depth about the use of features owned by the app. Based on existing case studies, Microsoft Innovation Center as a research organization that concentrates on the development of competence in the field of information technology, was held workshop entitled “Digital Transformation for Academic using Microsoft Word 2016”. It aims to introduce outstanding features owned by Microsoft Word 2016 to users, especially students, to facilitate students in making the thesis or papers.

The Workshop “Digital Transformation for Academic using Microsoft Word 2016”  was held on 11 October 2017 on the 2nd floor, Digital Library Engineering Faculty of UGM. This event was attended by 30 participants coming from college students from various departments at Universitas Gajah Mada, with Mr. Arya Aditya as a speaker. In this event, the participants were invited to learn about features owned by Microsoft Word 2016, especially feature that is used for making the table of contents, including modifying the numbering and page number.

Participants are invited to practice from each material carried, so that they can understand from each of the material described. After participating this event, participants are expected to create thesis or papers reports quickly and efficiently.