In the 21st century today, information technology has become part of education, there is much we can do more with technology. As part of academics we can improve productivity and collaboration so easily with Office 365. Especially when we’re a school supervisor who has the duty to monitor and assess the performance of teachers and schools, we need simple applications that can help doing our duties. As an answer of what need school supervisor, Microsoft Innovation Center as a research organization that has a vision to improve the skills of academics in technology, was held a workshop "Doing More with Office 365" which will give an overview to the participants in performing their duties easily and quickly using OneDrive for Business and Forms as part of Office 365.

In this workshop “Do More with Office 365” held on three days, start from 6 to 8 December 2017 at the Balai TekKomdik Yogyakarta followed by 81 participants who have background as school supervisor in the Yogyakarta Province, and filled by two speakers, the first speaker is Mr. Randi Eka Yonida as Business Development Manager of Microsoft Innovation Center and the second speaker is Mr. Arya Adhitya as Learning Development Trainer of Microsoft Innovation Center.

In the Guru Inovatif workshop “Do More with Office 365” participants are explained about Office 365, including the features and applications contained in Office 365. Where in this workshop use interactive scheme with some activities done in it, such as hands on lab, creative session, battle team, and online learning. This is done to provide technical experience about the use of features in Office 365 such as OneDrive for Business and Forms in supporting productivity to facilitate the process of working in school, and the reason why it is given online learning it aims to introduce the educational portal of Microsoft Educator Community for the learning of the 21st century.