Microsoft has conducted a survey in Asia Pacific involving 1850 students with age under 24 years from 8 countries, including Indonesia. The result is that the majority of students in Indonesia are aware of the benefits of coding in education and the magnitude of potential offered for their future. Unfortunately, in the study also revealed that students lacked optimal support in learning to code. As many as 91% of students in Indonesia want to know more about coding. Meanwhile, as many as 72% of students hope coding can be used as the main subjects in school. In the 21st century this opportunity to study computer science (coding) is very wide open for all circles, whether they have basic information technology or not.

In response to this, Microsoft Indonesia wants to introduce and enrich students' insight into the world of programming through the Hour of Code (HoC) in which students will be invited to explore and discover that programming is not just writing code. Programming also learns about problem solving, predicting possibilities through data, recognizing patterns, communications, collaborations, etc. In this Hour of Code Activity, students are given the challenge of pouring their creativity ideas that describe subject matter such as math, science, social in a game using Minecraft: Education Edition. This event has topic "Build, Play, and Share your own Game, Why not?", They were given 2 days to create, design and develop their game in a team of 3 people. The games they make will be showcased at the top of Skype-a-thon HoC 2017 held the day after they finish making the game in accordance with the specified time limit.

HOC event has topic “Build, Play, and Share your own Game, Why not? “ was followed by 7 schools consisting of 19 teams, including MTSN 6 Jakarta (2 teams), SMPN 12 Yogyakarta (4 teams), SMPN 1 Sedayu (4 teams), SMPN 1 Ponorogo (4 teams), SMPN 1 Sumbergempol (2 teams team), SMPN 2 Padang Panjang (2 teams), MAN 14 Jakarta (1 team). The Minecraft World: Education Edition offered by students is amazing because almost all of them use block material in designing subject matter materials according to their creativity ideas. Educational blocks such as Camera, Portfolio, Redstone are also used to add educational insight to Minecraft. Even some teams use Command Block to display world titles and teleportation of rarely used characters because they are quite difficult and are used with Command. As an example of the results of the creation of SMP Negeri 2 Padang Panjang students who created Sciencecraft which has the concept of every player playing at the beginning of the spawn, goes on to answer the question by opening one of the doors, with this concept the players can understand the concept of physics and biology, and understand the flow of this game, while students from MTSN 6 Jakarta create a Minecraft world that only teaches about biology, from plants and animals, so players can play while learning.