Minecraft Education Edition is a series of Microsoft YouthSpark Yogyakarta in 2017 that focuses on enhancing educational competence and competitiveness among students in the field of Science and ICT (Information and Communication Technology). This activity is a continuation of the workshop that was held earlier which used Touchdevelop as a media to create a game. However, this workshop focused on teaching techniques and practices regarding on the use of Minecraft: Education Edition as a platform to increase collaboration between teachers and students in learning and teaching. Simply through this game, players can create a play area and in it the teacher or students can work together solving the challenges given.

This event is a collaboration among Microsoft Indonesia, Microsoft Innovation Center, Yayasan Cinta Anak Bangsa, and LABC that aims to get the best seeds in the manufacture of Minecraft world. This event aims to stimulate the creativity of the students in understanding the concept of learning through digital games.

This workshop was held on 23-27 January, 2017 at Direktorat Sistem dan Sumber Daya Informasi, Universitas Gadjah Mada. This workshop was attended by 250 students who were participants of the Workshop Touchdevelop which was then divided into 5 batches. This workshop was led by Game Specialist from Certification and Education Division, Microsoft Innovation Center.

This event has some agendas which at the end of the workshop each team gather every idea and product Minecraft interactive educational content for contested and exhibited in YouthSpark in the form of Minecraft world. In the beginning, the trainer provided an introduction to Minecraft Education Edition in the form of basic menu and movements of characters in the world of tutorial.

Furthermore, it was continued with practicing Minecraft Education Edition. In this session, the participants played Minecraft Education Edition in a creative mode. The Participants were also taught to use a block of educational features like Portfolio, Noteblock, Redstone, and Camera. This workshop was followed by group discussions that discussed about the design of educational Minecraft world. The final session of this workshop, the participants applied education plan on Minecraft that has been designed into the world of Minecraft Education Edition. In this session, the trainer gave examples of how to fill template documentation on Minecraft education world.

It is hoped that after joining this workshop the participants can produce interactive educational content for Minecraft contested and exhibited in the YouthSpark in the form of Minecraft world (.mcworld).