One of 21st century challenges at education field is preparing graduates students who can compete in the global competition. New ways are needed for the teacher to innovate their teaching and learning. Technology-based approach be one that has been proven to provide a solution, by presenting a variety of tools that can bring students to the new experience in learning and improving teacher effectiveness in their activities in the school.

As a company that concern in education technology tools, Microsoft considers that it is important to be a part education transformation. Some of digital tools, curriculum competencies through a variety of professional career development opportunities presented. The event titled "Pendidikan Abad 21 – Menuju Transformasi Pendidikan Berbasis Teknologi" tried to cover deeply what is offered by Microsoft in a succession of learning.

This event is cooperation among Dinas Dikpora Yogyakarta, Microsoft Indonesia, PT Infosys and Microsoft Innovation Center that tried to facilitate the teachers to be part of Education Transformation with the use of technology. This event was attended by 120 teacher representatives from each school. This event was organized in Bulaksumur Hall, University Club University of Gadjah Mada. This event was opened with a presentation of YouthSpark program by Microsoft Philanthropies. From this presentation, the participants were expected to obtain information about Microsoft's opportunities and programs to empower young people in the age of technology as it is today. This event then continued with a workshop E-report with the aim that participants got experience directly with the use of technology tools that can simplify the assessment process.

After participating in this event, the participants are expected to understand the vision of Microsoft in advancing 21st century education. Besides, the participant obtain information relating to Microsoft YouthSpark program as an educational effort to empower the spirit of the young generation. Lastly, the participants gain insight about new ways of technology to provide efficiencies for various activities in the school. Here are the full agenda of this event that held on 2 March 2017

  • Microsoft Philanthropies - how education transforming the life
  • Ridi Ferdiana, Microsoft MVP - transformation education and innovation on the cloud development
  • Microsoft Innovation Center - software for 21st Century Education