As a continuation of the previous workshop, certification and education division, Microsoft Innovation Center in collaboration with E-library, Faculty of Engineering UGM held workshop "Word for Academics" phase II. In this event, it covered the same materials as the previous workshop. This workshop attempted to discuss how to create Word formatting. As a variant of Microsoft Office ProPlus, Word offers a variety of features to Facilitate the user in composing and writing documents. In the academic field, either schools, colleges or other educational institutions, there are many conditions that must be affixed in the preparation of the document, such as writing research reports, thesis or dissertation to the creation of a scientific journal. With the completeness of features in Word, a variety of needs can be managed Easily and automatically.

This event was held on March 9, 2017 held at e-library, Engineering faculty of UGM. This event was attended by 35 participants coming from master degree and post-graduate. In this workshop, the participants were invited to learn about the preparation in drafting a scientific document, Including management of the page size, numbering, election typeface, reference and preparation for printing.

After participating in this activity, participants are expected to begin to take advantage of the preparation of the documents with the format in Word format. Besides, the participants were also able to implement properly the preparation of the document using Word, so that it would facilitate their work.