Microsoft YouthSpark has entered the third phase with the different theme from the previous workshop. In the first workshop, the participants learned about Kodu and the second workshop using Minecraft, then at the third workshop, participants were taught to create a game world using CS Unplugged and Project Spark. Workshop CS Unplugged is a series of Microsoft YouthSpark 2017 Yogyakarta focused on improving the educational competence and competitiveness of students in the field of Science and ICT (Information and Communication Technology). This activity focuses on the teaching and practice of computer science relating to the recognition method without using a computer. This method was studying how these principles work in the form of computer games that appeal to students' learning. CS Unplugged is used to eliminate the need for programming constraints to explore the idea of computer science. Workshop CS Unplugged Plus were being opportunities for students to apply their knowledge of CS unplugged into a simple game with Software Project Spark.

Microsoft YouthSpark is a cooperation among Microsoft Indonesia, Microsoft Innovation Center, Yayasan Cinta Anak Bangsa and Labc. The workshop aims to stimulate the creativity of students to understand the concept on how a computer can work through the game using stationery. It also spurs innovation-based video game applications that encourage students to better understand science and computer.

This event was held on 13-17 March, 2017 and it was held at the Direktorat Sistem dan Sumber Daya Informasi, Universitas Gadjah Mada. The workshop was attended by students who are participants in the previous workshops. There were 250 students that was divided into 5-day workshop.

This workshop had some agendas that will be followed by the participants. First, the participants were invited to an introduction to CS Unplugged. The purpose of this activity was the participants understand the usefulness of the method as a learning medium CS Unplugged computer without using a computer programming in the classroom. In this case, the trainer introduced the basics of existing methods in CS Unplugged. Secondly, this activity the was continued with CS Unplugged demo. The trainer pointed out some material from books that have been adapted in Third, the participants were then invited by the trainer for a demonstration of the Project Spark. In this activity, each group discussed new methods CS Unplugged that will be applied in ProjectSpark. Fourth, the activities and then proceed with the implementation of the draft design of computer learning science with Project Spark. The participants applied the new method draft CS Unplugged in the game Project Spark. The trainer gave examples Project Spark game to the participants as an overview for them when they wanted to create the game itself. Lastly, this event was closed with submission of their idea in Project Spark.

After following the series of Microsoft YouthSpark especially the third workshop which learned about CS Unplugged and Project Spark, the participants are expected to produce content CS Unplugged for contested and exhibited in YouthSpark be a new method of introduction of computer science that can be replicated and studied for other students and can be used to motivates them to learn. In addition, from this workshop is expected to generates a documentation containing about how to play the game CS Unplugged already combined with Project Spark.

The agenda of this event as follows:

  • Opening from YCAB and LABC as n organizer
  • Keynote: How computer science can change the world through technology such iOT, .NET, and others Microsoft product.
  • CS Unplugged Session
  • Project Spark Developer Course