Microsoft and YCAB Foundation and local government of DIY again held Jogja Cyber Province event located at Wanitatama Building Yogyakarta starting at 09.00 until finished. Jogja Cyber Province which lasted for two days has one of the activities of Realization Jogja Cyber Province which was held on the second day, May 16, 2017. Press Conference was attended by Muhammad Farhan as YCAB General Secretary, Ruben Hattari as Director of Corporate Affairs Microsoft Indonesia, and Baskoro Aji as the Head of Education Office of DI Yogyakarta Province.

The 15-minute Press Conference shows the press's great attention to academic and social activities, where some media, broadcasters, printers, and bloggers can see interesting questions addressed to the resource person. The event begins with a question from a media about the technical form of E-Report and its continuation seen from the side of government and form of cooperation with Microsoft in overcoming cyber crime in Yogyakarta.

Answering the question, Ruben Hattari, Director of Microsoft Indonesia Company said, "This event is a realization of Jogja Cyber ​​Province. We have signed MOU with local government DIY since a year ago. And the purpose of today's event is how we can report what we have done. In addition to improving the quality of life of children in DIY, there is something special about this event that is Realization E-Raport. The biggest challenge of a teacher is when filling out a student report that takes approximately two weeks. Of course, the interesting thing here is the friends of MIC Gadjah Mada University, they see this problem, they work with some schools that have the same problems and then build a simple application. With one goal is to facilitate the teachers in the process of filling rapor that can be run with automation, shorten the charging time from one to two weeks, to one day. Data obtained from the DIY Local Government said that this system will be implemented in several schools. So there is support and appreciation from the education office. We hope that this can be developed throughout Indonesia."

Ruben Hattari, said that one of the negligence in the use of technology is the lack of user responsibility. In response, Microsoft continues to work with government agencies and other agencies such as Yayasan Cinta Anak Bangsa (YCAB), to introduce responsible use of computing so that computers can be used safely and reliably. In addition to the introduction of E-Report is devoted to elementary school teachers, junior high, and high school / vocational school. There is also a YouthSpark program that is part of the Jogja Cyber Province event.

According to Muhammad Farhan, General Secretary of YCAB, YouthSpark is an early solution in response to criticism and problems in the digital world. A motivation that makes YCAB strive to encourage youth to learn to be high-quality human beings with creative ideas.

Microsoft Indonesia has a dream to introduce technology that is not only intended for consumers only, but wants to hone technology in terms of innovation and creativity from young children. But in reality not all children who follow the YouthSpark program want to wrestle the world of Application Developer. YouthSpark wants to show young people that they can follow the program, in the hope of becoming a critical youngster in seeing and solving a problem.

"Generation Can" which had been triggered in Jogja Cyber ​​Province event is a separate partnership between Microsoft Indonesia and YCAB with the Ministry of Manpower. This program has been launched a few months ago, which is a digital platform. Generation Can provide mentorship facilities that are expected to increase confidence in wrestle a particular field. Not less important, through this program want to introduce job opportunities are very much out there.

Baskoro Aji, Head of DIY Education Department, participated in giving positive response to Jogja Cyber ​​Province event. Baskoro Aji said, "DIY is a small town that does not have many forests and agricultural areas, but DIY has human potential, natural resources, and many schools that can advance DIY. Cooperation with Microsoft Indonesia is a good collaboration, with real programs to improve human resources that have high competitiveness to face the global development of information and communication technology. One that can be seen is E-Report. E-Report becomes one of the applications that is expected to be a spirit in improving the quality of education by shortening teachers to focus more in teaching rather than fills the administration of filling report cards so that the quality of education can be improved. This program is highly appreciated and, of course, for E-Report will be conducted in cooperation with the Office of Youth and Sports Education."