The practice of creating thesis is obligation for all students, they are need software to create this report, Microsoft Word is solution what they are needed and the most commonly used software editing programs of all the time. This software has many features to support student when they are creating thesis. Microsoft Word has several easy ways to optimize and make it more efficient and effective when using for students especially for making thesis. This free event was held to introducing students to make them more efficient when they are working with their thesis.

In this workshop “Word for Academics” held with interactive schemes. Held on Wednesday, 30 January 2018 at the Digital Library of Engineering Faculty UGM followed by 13 participants as a student, and this event was guided by Arya Adhitya as Learning Development Trainer from Microsoft Innovation Center he was delivering about Microsoft Word as the software editing program that many features can leverage to creating thesis or other types of report. The reference features of Word support a variety of manuscript styles, allow for quick and accurate citations, automate the development of bibliography or works cited pages, and support creating table of contents easily.

In the Digital Transformation Workshop “Word for Academic” participants are explained about Microsoft Word as part software of Office that can support writing activity, such as writing thesis, essay, journal, etc. Students can make table of contents automatically, inserting quotes easily, inserting header footer include page number or other types of header and footer. So expected participants can making their report or other types of writing easily and quickly so their time is more efficient.