The Global Office 365 Developer Bootcamp is a free, one-day training event led by Microsoft MVPs with support from Microsoft and local community leaders that dedication to the Office 365 developer in the world that given a change to the community to learn and discuss that was explained in the boot camp about Office 365. This event is held in a two-month time frame throughout the world, starting from October 1 - November 30, 2018. In Indonesia, the Global Office 365 Developer Bootcamp was held in Yogyakarta by Microsoft Innovation Center. The aim of this event gives the participants know more about Office 365 platforms that can leverage to support daily activity in the organization, but more than that. Office 365 platforms can use to create an app and optimize project business in the organization in the world.

The boot camp in Indonesia was held on Wednesday, 21 November 2018 at Universitas Teknologi Yogyakarta with delivered a few topics about Office 365 platform, such as Microsoft Flow, Microsoft PowerApps, Microsoft Graph API, securing an app with Azure AD, and Building PowerPoint Add-In using Microsoft Visual Studio. This event was joined by 37 participants which background as a college student and a teacher. Participants were really enthusiast for the event, this is indicated by the number of participants who come, and all participants follow the whole series of activities, and actively ask questions on the topic or material presented by the speakers.

This boot camp was opened by Mr. Rianto as the representative of Universitas Teknologi Yogyakarta. He was given motivate to the participants to improve their skill and knowledge by joining the similar activities such as the Global Office 365 Developer Bootcamp. Then the first speaker comes from Microsoft Innovation Center as the Microsoft Technology Associate, he was delivered about Microsoft Flow to automate the process of business in the organization using Office 365, and also explained about Microsoft PowerApps that explained about how to create a simple app without coding using programming language. The second speaker comes from Microsoft MVP, he has explained about Microsoft Graph and Azure AD. Hopefully after this session the participants get to know about how to build apps for organizations and consumers that interact with the data of millions of users, can connect to a wealth of resources, relationships, and intelligence, all through a single endpoint, and securing an app that has been built with Azure AD. Then the last speaker comes from Microsoft MVP too, he was explained about how to build PowerPoint Add-In directly to the participants, so the participants get to know about step by step how to build PowerPoint Add-In and how to load PowerPoint Add-In that has been built in the PowerPoint. At the end of this boot camp, the participants were asked what the insight that they got after joined this event, the participants said that the event was inspirational, they were getting much knowledge that can support their thesis ideas.