“Unlimited Learning with Office 365” Workshop is an event that dedication to the educator in Indonesia to search of the representatives of MIE (Microsoft Innovative Educator) Indonesia. This event was given awareness to the participants about MIE and how to become MIE, and also the participants were explained about Office 365 to support their activity in the classroom, so they can innovate in the classroom and can give a new learning experience to their students. This activity has invited the participants to explore Microsoft Educator Community portal, so they can become a Microsoft Innovative Educator.

This event in this quarter(Q2-FY19) was held at BPTIKP DIKBUD Jawa Tengah in four times that divided into 4 batches, every batch was held in two days, and on the whole, followed by 176 participants. The background of the participant is a teacher from various education level in Jawa Tengah.  Participants were invited to explore about Office 365, especially about Microsoft Teams, Sway, Microsoft Forms, and OneNote Class Notebook. The participants were practice every material that has been delivered by the speakers. They were excited about Office 365, and get a new knowledge to innovate their classroom. Besides, get the material from the speakers, participants also explore the material on the Microsoft Educator Community portal to increase the understanding of the participants.

This event was guided by Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert in Jawa Tengah. Each speaker was delivered about Office 365 on her/his session, which distinguishes only the topics discussed. Literally, on every batch the material that has been delivered were same.