Learn AI Bootcamp is an event that dedication for AI developer in the world that given a change to the community to learn and discuss the theme that explained in the bootcamp. In Indonesia, especially in Yogyakarta, the materials that have been chosen were Simplifying Cognitive Services App Development using Portable Class Libraries and Developing Intelligent Applications with LUIS. This event was held aim to give the participants different knowledge, potential, and cognitive skills to survive and thrive in the face of the economic, social, political and cultural disruption; and make the participants can apply Microsoft stack technology to create a potential solution based on Cognitive Services and Cloud Computing. 

The “Learn AI Bootcamp” was held on 15 December 2018 at Computer Network Laboratory, Universitas Gadjah Mada, Yogyakarta and attended by 57 participants with a background as a college student and a professional. Participants were invited to explore Azure Cognitive and Azure Machine Learning, both these technologies available in Azure. Participants can access it in Azure and build their code by using Visual Studio.

This event was opened by Ridi Ferdiana as the first speaker of this bootcamp. He was explained about Simplifying Cognitive Services App Development using Portable Class Libraries. Participants were introduced the AI methods such as statistic, symbolic and expert system, machine learning, deep learning, and Probabilistic programming, compare traditional machine learning and deep learning, AI general process, cognitive services, the Microsoft AI platform, Implement the AI in Developer POV, and at the end of his session he was invited the participants to practice process image with the computer vision services and process image with the custom vision services.

Then the second speaker is an AI and Cloud Researcher, he is Fahim Jatmiko. He was explained about an overview of machine learning, hard parts of machine learning, the reason why the machine learning can get easy of human activity, Microsoft Cognitive Services, computer vision API requirement and how to access it, JSON response example, etc. In the end of his session, he was given a conclusion to the participants about image classification problem, accessing computer vision service with ASP.NET MVC Core app, built, trained, and evaluated a Custom Vision Service model via the Azure portal interfaces, integrating the service via Prediction API, and precision and Recall as Evaluation Metrics.