Improving Productivity using Office 365 is an event that dedicated to the stakeholder in the government, especially on PPPPTK Seni dan Budaya and PPPPTK Matematika. They have the Office 365, but the use of this technology not maximized, so MIC as the organization research that focused to improve the skill of society was initiated to hold this event, to give awareness about the benefit when using Office 365 in the Office.

This event was held on PPPPTK Seni dan Budaya and PPPPTK Matematika. This event has invited the stakeholder and their staff with introducing the activity that can be done using Office 365 to improve their productivity. This event totally was invited 73 participants, which 42 participants from PPPPTK Seni dan Budaya, and 31 from PPPPTK Matematika. The participants were invited to explore Office 365 especially the service that can be used to communicate and archive repository.

This event was held in three days on the different place. On the first place (PPPPTK Seni dan Budaya) was opened by Mr. Sigit Purnomo as the Kepala Seksi Program of PPPPTK Seni dan Budaya, then the representative of Microsoft is Mr. Ridi Ferdiana was explained about the activity that will be done in the three days and the importance of digital transformation in the organization. While in other places, namely in PPPPT Matematika was opened by Mrs. Nunik Sukeksi as the Kasubbag Tatalaksana dan Kepegawaian of PPPPTK Matematika, then continued by Mr. Edy Thomas Suharta as the representative of Microsoft, he was delivered about Microsoft Teams as the tool that can be used to communicate with team in the organization, so they can distinguish between communication tools for professional and personal needs.