Hack the Classroom is an event that dedication to the educator in Indonesia to support the development of the material lesson using Office 365. Basically, this event to increasing usage of Office 365 and motivate all teachers all around in Indonesia to innovate the learning in the classroom. This event was held in the few provinces in Indonesia and delivered by the teachers that have become a Microsoft Innovative Educator. Besides that, this event has also invited the teachers in Indonesia to explore Microsoft Educator Community Portal.

This event in this quarter(Q2-FY19) was held in fifteen batches start from 16 November 2018 until 8 December 2018. Every batch was held in two days.  This event was attended by teachers from various education level in all around Indonesia. They were getting much knowledge about technology and getting interested to explore the use of Office 365 that can support in the learning process in the classroom according in their organization environment.

This event was held on the various place in all around Indonesia. The total of participants of this event is 549 teachers that scattered throughout Indonesia. Hopefully after held this event, participants will get motivated to improve the skill of using technology especially using Office 365,  and innovate in their classroom and explore Microsoft Educator Community portal as a resource learning to improve skill teacher on the using technology that can support in the learning process.