Microsoft Word is a software which can help us work easier word processing and document creation such as report, letter, resume, etc. Some student doesn’t know how to optimize leverage of Word, they only know the skin or cover of Word, so Microsoft Innovation Center was held free event for students to introduce the features that Word has in depth. Participants explained about the features that Word has, such as Citation, Table of Contents, Page Number, and headings. They’re very excited with the materials, because the materials are so useful for their tasks and their needed to processing or creating document.

In this workshop “Word for Academics” held with interactive schemes, participants can have asked every material that have been explained when they found something wrong when they are practicing the materials. Held on Tuesday, 6 February 2018 at the Digital Library of Engineering Faculty UGM followed by 18 participants as a student, and this event was guided by Arya Adhitya as Learning Development Trainer from Microsoft Innovation Center he was delivering about Microsoft Word as the software editing program that many features can leverage to creating reports or other types of documents. The References features of Word was exploring to known participants that the features are very useful when they are managing their document.

In the Digital Transformation Workshop “Word for Academics” participants are explained about Microsoft Word as part software of Office that can support writing activity, so expected participants can make their report or other types of document easily and quickly so their time is more efficient.