There are many ways to make students more exciting and enjoy in the classroom. We can develop digital classroom using technology that has been designed by Microsoft. Microsoft has been developing many technologies for the educational field to support developing human resources to get more. One of the technologies that Microsoft created for education was Office 365. Office 365 has many features that can support for developing digital classroom. There are many services that have by Office 365 that can leverage for developing digital classrooms, such as Outlook, OneDrive for Business, and Microsoft Flow.  

Microsoft Innovation Center as a research organization that focused on developing skill human in the technology in the education field was held digital transformation workshop for teachers on 17, April 2018 in the Meeting Room of EdotelKenari SMK Negeri 6 Yogyakarta. The teachers were given insight about the digital classroom, they were delivering about how to create the digital classroom using Group as the feature in Outlook, OneDrive for Business as the repository place to save the documents that filled with lesson material, and Microsoft Flow to create automation of notifications. They were very excited with the material that has been delivered. They got new insight about how to use technology to create blended learning in the classroom and motivated to implementation in their lesson in the classroom. 

In the Digital Transformation Workshop “Digital Classroom using Office 365” followed by 54 teachers from SMK Negeri 6 Yogyakarta and guided by several speakers from Microsoft Innovation Center. Participants in this workshop were directed to use technology in the classroom to get better learning outcomes and get new insight about Microsoft Educator Community portal as the educational resources that can leverage by teachers to knowing the technology that can support learning process in the classroom. Participants were directed to following the courses in Microsoft Educator Community portal.