In higher education, the notes just like the resources for anything. It is important to remember anything shared by the lecturer. In the digital era, the members of higher education can utilize OneNote as a tool to create notes by adding some type of multimedia files, such as text, pictures, video, document with any extension, such as .pdf, .docx, .xls, etc. OneNote can make the notes more structure and the user can access easily the notes that want to be opened. But we need to realize not every member of higher education knowing this tool. For this reason, MIC has held an event to socialize the use of OneNote for managing lecture notes in the digital era.

The event in the second quarter (Q2) was held on 22 November 2019 at Universitas Gadjah Mada attended by 22 participants with a background of a non-government official. This event was facilitatory by Nindi Kusuma Ningrum as a trainer from MIC. The participants were delivered about how to utilize OneNote to create lecture notes digitally. Participants were directed to follow step by step that done by the speaker, start from how to create section as a place to grouping some topic that will be created on the page of OneNote, then inserting some note or multimedia file in the OneNote. Participants were excited to create notes using OneNote because they can manage notes and documents in one place, they do not need to open another app to open a document that has been inserting in the OneNote.

In this event, participants were also explained that OneNote can be accessed on multiple devices, such as laptops/PC, tablets, and smartphones. So, they get many options to use OneNote, they can choose based on their comfort device. They just need to log in using their account, and the system of OneNote will synchronize the contents or notes that have been added. Hopefully, after this event, the participant can optimize their OneNote as a part of Office 365 services that have to be their facility in the college.