PowerPoint is a slideshow presentation program that’s a part of Office 365. This tool was so familiar in education, almost all members of the educational institution are familiar with this tool. This tool usually used to create digital content learning by teachers. But in fact, the teachers did not know deep the features that have by PowerPoint. In this workshop participants were delivered materials about the features that can be used to create interactive learning in the digital classroom created by using Microsoft Teams.

The event was held in the second quarter (Q2) on 17 December 2019 at SMP Negeri 4 Pakem followed by 44 participants with a background as a government official. The participants were directed to practice every material that delivered by the speaker, such as how to use design ideas feature, designing a template in PowerPoint, creating a virtual classroom with Teams, distributing learning materials in the virtual classroom, assigning and reviewing assignment, and archiving the classroom. The participant was excited to follow every guidance that share by the speaker. They got new insight on how to create a learning environment in accordance with the current era.

The topic delivered by the speaker were really impressed by the participants. Previous, participant does not know the materials shared by the speaker. Wherefrom this workshop participants get new insight on how to optimize the tools that they have and improving learning outcomes by using technology, such as PowerPoint and Microsoft Teams. Where Teams is a tool that can facilitate teachers and students in one place to learn something in fun away. It can be done by using a lot of features available in Microsoft Teams, such as chat, collaboration, emoji, GIF, sticker, meet now, etc.