Executive Academy Part II is an event dedicated to stakeholders in PPPPTK Matematika for creating a new habit in the communication and collaboration process in their organization. Participants were invited to explore Microsoft Teams as a tool that can be used to communicate and collaborate easily in the organization. This event was held on 21 February 2019 at PPPPTK Matematika and followed by 43 participants as a government official in the PPPPTK Matematika environment.

This event was opened by Mrs. Daswatia Astuty as Head of PPPPTK Matematika, she was opened this event by gave a speech to the participants to seriously follow the material that delivered by the speaker and hoped this event could give an impact positive in their organizations. While the speaker in this event there are three speakers. The first speaker is Mr. Obert Hoseanto from Microsoft Indonesia, he was given a presentation about education transformation in the digital era, so participants can find out the development of education transformation and get motivated to start transforming their organization.

Then, the second speaker is Mr. Ridi Ferdiana from Microsoft Innovation Center. He gives explain about Digital Transformation in the Educational Institution, so the participants got real scenario and solution to support their activity using Office 365. Hopefully, this session can open their mind to find their problem and resolve their problem using Office 365. The last speaker is also from Microsoft Innovation Center, he is Mr. Arya Adhitya. He was invited to the participants to explore Microsoft Teams, start from the features that have by Microsoft Teams, how to create classes in the Microsoft Teams, how to save files in Microsoft Teams and how to collaborate and communicate easily using Microsoft Teams, etc. Participants didn’t expect that Microsoft Teams have powerful features that could support the process of communication and collaboration in their organizations, and the features that have by Microsoft Teams are the part of their dreams for a more productive one.