Microsoft Word as a productivity product has many features that can be optimized to create a document academic, but all the features that have by Word not everyone knows. Microsoft Innovation Center as organization research that has a mission to empower every people in the organization has organized a workshop about Microsoft Word to make a document academic more structured.

This event was held on 26 February 2019 at the Digital Library, FT. UGM and followed by 33 participants. This event has two objectives, namely introducing how to write scientific papers effectively and exploring features that have by Word to support for creating academic papers. Participants were excited about the features that have by Word. They can easily to create a table of contents without doing step manually, so their productivity can increase.

Word for Academic workshop was handled by Arya Adhitya, he invited the participants to explore Microsoft Word in-depth. He starts from how to use heading style until how to insert a caption in the document. Participants following step by step that deliver by the speaker. After this event, hopefully, participants can create a great document and optimize the features that have by Microsoft Word.