P4TK Matematika has strategic tasks and functions in order to increase the competency of educators and educational staff in the mathematical field with the aim that students will have adequate mathematical competencies and a strong attitude in facing global competition. Based on P4TK Matematika duties and functions, Microsoft Innovation Center (MIC) was providing a solution for P4TK Matematika through given a workshop about registration system for them.

MIC was giving a solution for the registration system by using Office 365 services, such as Forms, Sway, Outlook, SharePoint Online, and Word. Participants were invited to explore the registration system using Office 365 step by step, so the participants can understand how to use the registration system with Office 365.

This event was held on third quarter (Q3) for two days on 20 March 2019 and 22 March 2019 at Ruang Sidang Gamma P4TK Matematika, followed by staffs of P4TK Matematika and led by Arya Adhitya as a trainer of MIC. For two days, participants were invited to explore any services of Office 365 that can be used to support registration system, start from how to create a form with Microsoft Forms until how to create a certificate and send the certificate to all the participants of education and training. At the end of the event, participants were given a feedback form about this workshop, and they were excited and felt very helped by this workshop.