OneDrive for Business for Academic is an event dedicated to all member of the university to give an explanation about OneDrive for Business, such as the capacity and the flexibility of it, how the user can improve their productivity by using this service, how to sync the OneDrive for Business with the device of the user, etc. OneDrive for Business as a part of Office 365 service has advantages and feature that can support the user to improve their productivity and give them easiness for doing their job.

This event was held in the fourth quarter (Q4) on 10 April 2019 at Perpustakaan Fakultas Teknik UGM followed by 24 participants with a background as a non-government official. This event was given awareness to the participants about how to optimize their facility in the college and improving their productivity by using OneDrive for Business as a space to save their documents securely with optimum capacity. The material of this event was delivered by Arya Adhitya as a trainer of Microsoft Innovation Center.

Participants in this event was so amaze with the capacity and features that have by OneDrive for Business, where the OneDrive for Business has a capacity of 1 TB and has version history feature that can make the user back to the past of document easily without the need to worry about the wrong content that might be done when adding new content. Hopefully, after this event, participants can leverage the OneDrive for Business for supporting their task in academic activity or others.