Word for Academic is an event dedicated to all member of the university to introduce and explore the Microsoft Word in depth to write scientific papers effectively, and how the Microsoft Word can support the process of creating academic papers. This event was often held in the university to help the member of the college for creating an academic paper as their obligation, so they can get the best result of a template for scientific paper in a short time.

This event was held in the fourth quarter (Q4) on 25 April 2019 at Perpustakaan Fakultas Teknik UGM followed by 28 participants with a background as a non-government official. This event was delivered by Arya Adhitya as a trainer Microsoft Innovation Center. He was giving an explanation to the participants about how to create a template to writer scientific paper by using several features that has by Microsoft Word, such as Heading Style, Page Layout, and exploring the features that inside of References tab, such as table of contents, inserting citation, inserting table of figures, etc.

Participants were really feeling helpful with this event, they laugh at the activities they usually do in making the scientific paper, especially when the participants want to insert a table of content in the document. The participants usually inserting the table of content by manually, start from inserting tab from the Layout tab in the group of Paragraph, then defining the length of the tab, and choosing the alignment and the leader that will be implemented. Participants got new insight on how to automate the process of creating a template for the academic document.