Developer Relation Community Gathering is an event dedicated to the developer community in Yogyakarta. This event was discussing what the developer community needs to keep exist and creating to Jogja Devs better. This event was held on 26 April 2019 at Wanagama Room, University Club UGM and attended by several developer communities in Yogyakarta, such Jogja JavaScript Community, Google Developer Group, Aditif, and some of the participants that regularly attended to the community event that held by Microsoft Innovation Center.

This event was facilitated by Sarah Thiam as a developer relation from Microsoft. She was delivered about the program that Microsoft has, such as a meeting with the community, creating learning content material, mentorship, online research, scaling startup, etc. All of the programs that Microsoft has can be used to support the developer community in the world to grow up and get a new insight into how to develop an app easily. This program was not limited to Microsoft Developer, but also to the open source developer.

This event such as a discussion and sharing about the problem that community has, such the Jogja JavaScript Community was share about their problem, they have problem with the participants of their event. Often of the participants just come and go to their event, that does not any action of the participant to explore the JavaScript or the community. They hope the habit of participant can be changed and the community can be grow-up. Actually, the Jogja JavaScript Community has a program to create material about JavaScript for their community based on level, and this is in line with Microsoft Program.