OneNote is one of service that Office 365 has. This app can leverage as a digital note in the organization, so all documents that are considered important can be stored in it. PPPPTK Matematika that one of the organizations under the ministry of education want to transform that culture through using technology.  This organization made a transformation effort through holding an event to give knowledge the digital literacy to all employees, start from their executive leader.

Microsoft Innovation Center as organization research that has the vision to empower every people in the organization was facilitatory this event through give material to all participants. This event was held on Monday, 20 May 2019 at Lab Komputer 2 PPPPTK Matematika and followed by 16 participants. The participants were invited to explore more about OneNote. After the event, participants were given online lab works to give them an understanding of Office 365 services.

The participants were asked to create note based on their activity, so participants can understand the features that have been explained by the speaker. Participants were excited to try some features that have by OneNote, such dictate, share, highlight using a pen, etc. Hopefully after this event participants can use OneNote to support their activity, such as meeting or others program.