PPPPTK Seni dan Budaya has aspires to transform their culture to digitalize. This organization was giving an effort to their organization by giving a workshop about technology to their all staff, start from managerial level to staff level. In the section for their managerial, the theme chosen in the workshop is creating a digital document with OneNote. This workshop was facilitated by Microsoft Innovation Center, with the provision of learning the material and delivering the material.

For this quarter (Q4) this event was held on 29 May 2019 at Ruang Sidang Kantor Pusat PPPPTK Seni dan Budaya followed by 36 participants with a background as a government official and facilitated by Arya Adhitya as a part of Microsoft Innovation Center team. The participants were invited to explore in-depth about OneNote, start from how to create a notebook and leveraging the features that have by OneNote. After the event, participants were given online lab works to give them an understanding of Office 365 services.

Participants were excited to explore more about the features that have by OneNote and following the practice that explained by the speaker, start from how to create section and page, until how to use web clipper on OneNote desktop. In the last session, participants were invited to write their activity using OneNote and synchronize the notebook with the OneNote desktop app. In a simple way, participants were given the choice to use OneNote in Online and Offline mode, so participants can choose based on their preferences.