The word for Academic is an event that routinely held by Microsoft Innovation Center because of this topic is fundamental that needed by the member of the university to do their tasks. This event was dedicated to all member of the university to introduce and explore the Microsoft Word in depth to write scientific papers effectively, and how the Microsoft Word can support the process of creating academic papers. On this quarter, this topic was delivered in two times, and this is the second time of Word for Academic Workshop.

This event was held in the fourth quarter (Q4) on 7 May 2019 at Perpustakaan Pusat UGM followed by 11 participants with a background as non-government official. This is the first time of participants to join this event and they got new knowledge on how to write the scientific paper easily and effectively. They were introduced several features that have by Microsoft Word by the trainer, and the trainer of this event is Arya Adhitya as a part of the Microsoft Innovation Center team. He was helped by his team to handle this event.

Participants were explained start from how to use the heading style until inserting bibliography in the document, so they can create the table of content automatically. The participants were excited with the material delivered by the trainer. It can be seen by the vigor of the participant when following the materials delivered by the trainer. Participants got the knowledge that really helpful for their tasks.