Viewing Party - Best of Build is an event dedicated to the developer in the world to watch the tools that have been developed by Microsoft and look how the incredible of the tools which can make user easy and get an unbelievable result of their business. Participants were invited to watch and discuss Microsoft product and tools that can be leveraged to support their business activity, such as Teams, Edge, HoloLens, Azure Services, and other services.

This event was held on 19 June 2019 at Sleman Creative Space and followed by 24 participants with the background as a professional and a college student. This event not only viewing the virtual conference from Microsoft’s team but also any sharing session and discussion panel. Where participants can interact with the Microsoft MVP and ask something about Microsoft tools or product that still distract in their mind.

In the panel discussion, the Microsoft MVP were discussing Microsoft Ecosystem that currently hits in the community, namely Xamarin, .NET Standard, Microsoft Azure, Office 365, and Visual Studio. Participants were really excited about the topic that showing in this event and get a new insight which was not known before. This event was really inspiring them to explore more about Microsoft tools and product. This statement was given by the participant during the event when the participant asked by Master of Ceremony.