Paper formatting in the academic is one of the important things that must know by the member of the college because the member of academic often have a task to write a document about the project or the research. But we need to realize that not everybody knowing the hide powerful features that have by Word. The user only knows the basic features, not the wonderful features. This app can support the user to create a framework document that easy to navigate after the document is done, namely Office Word. MIC as organization research that has a program to improve the skill of the community has acted as a facilitator as a trainer for the event held by Perpustakaan Fakultas Teknik UGM, namely the event “Workshop Microsoft 365 - Word for Academic Research” dedicated to the member of academic UGM.

This event was held in the first quarter (Q1) on 22 August 2019 at Perpustakaan Fakultas Teknik UGM followed by 42 participants with a background as a non-government official in the educational environment. Participants were explained about how to add layout based on the user need, heading style, table of content, inserting the number of documents, inserting a citation, etc to help them in the developing document for their work. The speaker of this event is Nindi Kusuma Ningrum as a trainer of MIC. She was very energic to develop the digital skill of the member's community in UGM, and her actions have a positive impact on the participants, where participants also became eager to listen and practice the entire set of material delivered in the hands-on lab section.

Participants were very enthusiast about this event, and they were getting a lot of insights to optimize the Office Word for supporting their tasks. They hope this event not only ends here but can be held continuously, so all the members of the community can learn as far as them. Besides that, participants felt that all this time were work not effectively when creating a document format, but after this event, they believe that everything will be effective and improving their productivity.