In the 21st century, the virtual classroom has become a necessity in educational institutions, but in the real condition, the virtual classroom is one of the most misunderstood tools in educational technology. They can be incredibly useful, but they’re often underutilized. The teachers do not understand the use of virtual classrooms, and they are still pessimistic in implementing it. Based on this condition, MIC as organization research that has a program to improve the skill of the community has acted as a facilitator as a trainer for the event that held by SMK Penerbangan AAG Adisutjipto, namely the event “Creating a Virtual Classroom in the 21st Century Learning with Microsoft Teams”. The event was dedicated to the teachers in Yogyakarta to explain how to create a virtual classroom and motivate them to start.

This event was held in the first quarter (Q1) on 30 August 2019 at SMK Penerbangan AAG Adisutjipto followed by 44 participants with a background as a government official and non-government official in the educational environment. Participants were explained how to create a virtual classroom using Microsoft Teams – start from how to create a classroom, managing the classroom, distributing learning materials, communication and collaboration in the classroom, distributing tasks, until how to archiving the classroom when there was a change of the new school year.

Participants of this event were excited to gather and follow the instructions given by the speaker to practice every step for creating a virtual classroom. Participants in this event were got new insight into the virtual classroom. Where the virtual classroom can be created easily and simply using Microsoft Teams as a part of the Office 365 service. After this event, the participants were given a task to join some courses about Microsoft Teams in the Microsoft Educator Community portal. This is done as one of the strategies to increase participants' understanding of a virtual classroom that created using Microsoft Teams.